The problem feels enormous, where do I start? who can I trust? How to make real estate selling easy? How do I get the most for my property, what methods of sale are there, what does it cost, can i do it myself ?

These are the issues most sellers have.

Tony Nash - Asset AgentsThe solution is to ask Tony Nash to visit your home. Give me an hour and I will take you on a journey that will answer all those questions and more says Tony.

Only then will you the seller be ready and armed with the correct information to make a decision. Make real estate selling easy. Shall we sell, hold or maybe prepare the home then sell.

Hi, I’m Tony, an Independent Real Estate Agent working with Asset Agents Real Estate. I work for you the seller ! My job is to get you the maximum price in a time frame that ensures the market has been interrogated and I can say with certainty,

“I’m confident his is what your property is worth today”.

You can be assured that you will get the best service whether buying or selling your properties. I specialise in Residential sales anywhere on the Sunshine Coast.

About my business:

I am fortunate to have been listing, marketing and selling properties on the Sunshine Coast for 27 years.

Real Estate has been good to me, possibly because I just like talking to people and love to sit down, take my time and see just what my sellers want.  Many times there is a personal family issue, a financial restraint or health issue that needs resolving before my sellers are able to proceed to the next step.   I therefore just focus on resolving that issue and assisting them in getting the property ready for sale.

The actual selling part is usually a result of getting first things done first and being transparent and honest to both Sellers and Buyers. A sale will only happen when there is a feeling of win, win. If the owner has had good advice and feedback from the market, it is not a big surprise to them when an offer and Contract is presented.  Likewise, Buyers are very often from out of area and they need to  feel confident in me, my advice and the process.

 Referral business does mean that you can find me selling Hinterland properties (I live on Hinterland acreage) or  properties in the larger and smaller towns on the Coast.   Today buyers are tech savvy and  use the internet to initially view properties of interest  and follow that interest through to the Agent as opposed to in the past being loyal to an agency.     So with the portals available to me ( realestate.com, Domain etc) I can reach buyers anywhere in the country or for that matter the world. Its how I handle those Buyers being the point, not whether or not I live in property nearby.    It’s how much I believe in the property and the area.

I work from home now and concentrate on referral business from my many many past sellers and friends. I don’t door knock or push paper into your mailboxes, as I feel that is not the way for Real Estate salespeople to present themselves.

I believe strongly that a deal achieved ethically, with the best possible outcome for the Seller, and the Buyer  is the only deal worth doing.

 I take enormous pride in my work and I want to feel proud of every single transaction, with no exceptions.

If you know any family or friends contemplating selling, I would be pleased to give advice as to how to commence the process, and if desired, take the property through to a successful outcome.


My Contact details are:



Asset Agents


0408 989 555