(Sunshine Coast BRC Inc. ABN 64 728 904 975)

Ethical Considerations

Our guiding principle is that there will be only one member for each type of business, trade, profession, occupation etc

It will not be acceptable for a member to promote products or services to Club members in competition with another member who occupies the membership position for that type of business, trade etc. This means by promotion at meetings of the Club, and unsolicited promotion outside of meetings.

It will not be acceptable for a single member to occupy the position of two types of business, trade, profession, occupation etc.

There will be times when a prospective or new member will have, as a subsidiary part of their business, a service or product which competes with the main business of another member.

When this occurs, the two business people should initially establish between themselves how to handle this ‘crossover’ of products or services. It may be acceptable that the new member simply does not promote the ‘crossover’, but only represents the major part of their business.

The senior member (i.e. the one who joined the Club first) has the right tot decide whether the arrangements are satisfactory and, in effect, has veto over acceptance of the prospective new member’s application to join the Club, in consultation with the Executive of the Club. This veto will endure after acceptance of the new member, with a view to ensure that the arrangements work in practice.

There will be times when the natures of an existing member’s business changes, or new products or services are added, so that a conflict or crossover is created.

This may give rise to the member whose business has changed being asked to leave the Club, unless the other member affected is agreeable to the situation continuing, and the same principles will apply as to the new member waiting to join the Club

In the event that an application for membership is rejected because of ‘crossover’ or conflict, the Executive will attempt, without obligation, to keep a record of the application, and offer a membership to that business person if a vacancy should occur.

If a member is asked to leave the Club because of a ‘crossover’ or conflict, the decision of the Executive will be final, and any membership fee paid will be refunded pro rata.

Any member who feels that he or she is being disadvantaged by a conflict or ‘crossover’ with another member or a prospective member should feel free to raise the matter with the Executive, and ask for a resolution.


The purpose of the Club is to grow members businesses through referrals, and the potential for this can only be reached when members are able to trust each other, and when there is full openness and transparency. If there are too many ‘crossovers’ evident, members will be confused about whom to give a referral to.

When a member is considering inviting a guest, every consideration should be given to whether an existing member’s business will be adversely affected by competition being bought into the Club (if in doubt refer to the Executive).

Should a member be approached by someone wishing to join the Club, the member should refer the prospective member to one of the Executives who will ascertain the nature of their business. All new membership is at the discretion of the Executive.


  • All members should make every effort to attend weekly meetings. If the member has to miss regular meetings, without valid notification (more than two per month) the committee as its discretion may ask the member to explain or show cause. The committee may then ask the member to resign, particularly if there is a prospective member of the same business waiting to join the Club.
  • All members will agree to using an App or the website to register and pay for each meeting with debit or credit card.
  • Meetings commence at 7:00 am, with formalities commending at 7:10 am sharp (you must be seated by this time). The meeting will finish at 8:20 am.
  • Members are to inform the meeting if they intend to leave the meeting early (it is encouraged that members do not make a habit of leaving meetings early).
  • Promotional time is 30 seconds only for each member.
  • Presentation time for the business of the Week is 10 minutes plus 2 minutes question time.
    Presentation time for Who Am I – about your personal backgroup is 5 minutes
  • Passing of Leads is to be restricted to 30 seconds only per member. Members to advise of Received Leads only.


New committee to be elected 12 monthly and is to be comprised of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. (New committee elected November each year) It is envisaged that members would take it in turns of sitting on the committee. (This will help to lighten work load and also inject new ideas into the club.)

Membership Dues

Full membership fees are $150 per annum
Fees payable to the Treasurer and payment on invoice with Credit Card or Direct payment



Club will provide $250 to cover food for the evening.
Club will provide 1 mixed case of wine and 1 case of champagne.
The Business holding the mixer is required to provide beer and soft drinks.
Members are to advise if spouses will be attending, and if so they will need to pay an agreed figure here to cater for additional food and drinks.

MEMBER’S DUES (Breakfasts):

Current weekly breakfast dues are $27; breakfast plus $2-00 Raffle ticket. (Raffle monies are used to support local charities.) This is payable on the App


In the event where a member is paid up and cannot attend due to business commitments, he/she must inform Secretary/President/Vice President/Treasurer in advance of their inability to attend a meeting and for payment to be rolled over to the future date.

In the event that we find too many members ‘rolling over payment’ and numbers attending decline, then we will need to review this process and members may have to forfeit forward payments for non-attendance, regardless of reasons and notification


If a member is absent from the Club for more than a month then the Club reserves the right to contact them, advise them of the above and make aware that, should they decide not to participate their membership will be cancelled and their category made available for new members.