WHAT MAKES YOUR VEHICLE SLOW OR STOP? The answer, Your brakes & tyres

Did you know the steering and braking of your vehicle relies on the performance and tread condition of your tyres? 

All Coast Goodyear

If your vehicles steering alignment is out, you will notice a pull in the wheel when the vehicle is driving in a straight line. You may also notice uneven wearing on your tyres as the misalignment will allow excess pressure on a certain point of the tyre tread causing premature tyre wear.

Aside from tyres, your brakes are one of the most important safety aspects of your car. When travelling you want your vehicle to be able to slow down or stop in traffic or emergency situations. Having your vehicles brakes, tyres and alignment checked regularly and replaced when necessary, ensures not only your safety but your family and other road users safety.

At All Coast Goodyear Autocare Maroochydore, we specialise in tyre and mechanical services. We have trained, qualified tyre & wheel alignment technicians to diagnose tyre issues.

Focusing on Mechanical needs, We have qualified mechanics to ensure your vehicle will allow you to get from A to B efficiently and safely. From Logbook Services, mechanical repairs, suspension and brake replacement our team has the total solution for your vehicle’s health.

When it comes to one of the most important safety aspects of your vehicle, we make sure we get the little things right, At All Coast, we will;

  • Perform a premium wheel balance of all your tyres – Static & Dynamic balancing to ensure actuate on-road balancing
  • Double inflate your new tyres – This ensures the bead of the tyre seats to the rim to reduce the risk of the tyre becoming out of round and achieves the best balance and tyre wear.
  • Clean and buff the mounting face of all wheels and hubs
  • Tighten wheels to the correct tension with a tension wrench for your ultimate safety
  • Repair punctures to Australian Standards and beyond for your and your families safety.
  • Cross-check each Team Members work.
  • Keep true accurate records of when your tyres are fitted and serviced
  • Maintain consistency in our work standard


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