Gabrielle Oliphant, an accredited practising dietitian and exercise physiologist says the key is food and fitness is to understand the relationship between food and fitness.

There are many health problems that can be helped by healthy eating and good exercise behaviours.

Weight control involves more than dieting.

Gabrielle looks at the whole picture when helping clients with their weight loss goals.

Gabrielle at Go food and Fitness believes that empathy,  encouragement and support are key components in achieving these goals.

There are numerous health claims in the media for various health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems.  As an accredited practising dietitian, Gabrielle’s advice is evidence-based and she can demystify a lot of misinformation.

As an accredited exercise physiologist, Gabrielle can assist in improving your quality of life by supporting you in increasing your physical activity levels in a safe way.

Gabrielle has had over 40 years of experience practising as a dietitian (in hospitals and private practice) and almost 20 years of experience as an exercise physiologist.  She loves working with senior clients and runs exercise classes for both senior and younger clients.

Even the Mayo Clinic says the 5 key things for good health  – Food and Fitness


Consultant Dietitian      B.App.Sc:Dip.Diet;A.P.D.

Exercise Physiologist     B.Sci. (Sport &Ex) A.E.P.

TEL: 0410 660 940

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