Disadvantaged vulnerable children, How can we help?


disadvantaged children

Being Disadvantage is probably the single biggest cost both socially and economically for communities across the nation.

Most programs are reactive in nature and often the cost of dealing with the fallout rather than putting programs in place to stop the fallout is many multiples the original preventative cost and often by that time there is no solution.

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds have a 70% chance of becoming the disadvantaged adults of the next generation if nothing is done.

By simply engaging those children the incidence of cyclical disadvantaged can be reduced to 30%. We go much further than that through mentoring and addressing the health needs be it mental or physical we strive to ensure that every child in the community gets a chance to live a happy healthy and fulfilled life.

We are a broad based mentoring program aimed at putting an end to intergenerational disadvantage within the community. However we go further than simply mentoring vulnerable children. Where we find that a children has problems beyond the scope of our program we direct those children towards one of the many heath care providers with whom we collaborate with to address those problems and source the funding necessary to pay for those.

We work directly with such organisation as the schools, child services, the smith family Anglicare and many others. Annette Koch Accountants support us.

We are looking for

  • Mentors – people who will provide their services. We do all the paperwork – bluecard, training and support.
  • Sponsors – it takes money to make our registered charity operate¬† and we are very grateful to those who support disadvantaged children.