At David Prior Homes we often have clients who have many ideas in mind for their dream home.


The ideas can come from many different sources.  We love that there has been time and effort put into really thinking about the features in a new house, that will make it home.  Often there are some design issues with the ‘wants’ that take a little bit of working through to come to where we can build the want into a reality.Prior Homes

We had such an example with a wonderful beach-style Hamptons home.  Our clients came to us and wanted the exposed rafters with VJ lined ceiling through the kitchen, living, and out to the alfresco.  This is quite a simple task, however, due to the size of the block the design of the house had to be quite well thought through to get everything our owners wanted.  They wanted this exposed rafter section to run alongside the bedrooms, but the bedrooms were to have a standard ceiling.

In order to ensure the outside of the home looked as good as the inside, our engineers designed the exposed ceiling to the living and out to the alfresco, this was then to have a steel beam over that section to allow for specifically designed trusses to run over the whole roof.  Quite the complex roof design, however, the home looks amazing on the inside and the outside.

Our clients loved the finished product and we had come up with a solution that saw their dream become their reality.


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