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Hi, I'm Ivan and my speciality is helping you build a sellable business. When you do come to sell, this highly stressful period is the first time you may realise - too late - what you could and should have done to maximise the value of your exit. I combine my 10+ years’ experience as a business broker with qualifications as a management accountant and financial advisor to ensure that you exit on your own terms, at the right time.
About my business

Looking to exit your business on the Sunshine Coast?

Exiting your business offers the potential to reap tremendous rewards. Money and freedom – or even a modicum of fame in your local community – are all potential benefits of a successful business exit.

But like anything rare, these rewards can be elusive.

70% of businesses fail to reach their tenth birthday.

Most of the remaining 30% of founders will shut down their company when it comes time to leave, reaping nothing from years of sacrifice.

Of the rare owners who do build something worth selling, more than 25% go through a lengthy sale process only to find the deal falls apart before closing. And of the those that do sell, 73% have some regret about their exit.

Engage a Professional Broker

Engage a professional broker and advisor, experienced in helping owners like you secure the best possible exit, with:

  1. no regrets
  2.  maximizing your exit value.


As an independent contractor, I chose to join LINK because of its reputation. Established in 1996 as a New Zealand-based brokerage, LINK is the most trusted business brokerage in the world, with a strong local presence in New Zealand, Australia, the USA and the Philippines.
LINK offers a unique, proven approach to facilitating each successful sale, and a focus on delivering exceptional service. Learning from decades of experience, we’ve developed a tried-and-true process for successfully selling any business. Globally, we sell more businesses than any other brokerage.

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