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Hi, we are a Law firm practicing primarily in family law, but also in other civil and commercial matters, estate (probate and contested estates) and Wills. With an immigration department dealing currently with all Migration and Study Visas and we have agents in both Vietnam and Philippines.
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At Alex Mandry Legal Group, we help our clients by providing professional advice on available processes, your options and possible resolutions, to help people move forward in life.

  • Are you going through a relationship breakdown and want to protect your family's future?
  • Are you running a business and find yourself in a contract dispute?
  • Do you a valid and up-to-date Will?
  • Have you been falsely accused of a crime?

We have got a solution for you.

For legal excellence, exceptional results and a real commitment to personalised service, contact Alex Mandry Legal


Whether you are an owner-operator or a larger business with branch offices we can assist you with all aspects of your business and provide practical advice and pragmatic solutions to assist you.

Whether you are big or small, if your business has need of commercial law support, easy or complex, come and talk to us, we work in the following areas:


Alex Mandry has extensive experience in advising lenders, borrowers and guarantors in all types of commercial transaction. We can assist all types of borrowers and guarantors with any agreements they enter into, whether they are getting finance for purchase of a residential or commercial property, purchasing or funding a business or are otherwise requiring assistance with a finance, security or guarantee matter.


It is critical to choose the right business structure for your commercial requirements, as the structure will impact on many aspects such as start-up costs, taxation matters and applicable tax rates and your legal obligations. Alex Mandry Legal has helped businesses gain commercial advantage, by adopting the best operational structure whilst at the same time dealing with legal pitfalls and responsibilities.


We can assist our clients in drafting the initial Agreement for Sale and Purchase incorporating the various conditions such as due diligence, finance and planning consent, which may be applicable to the transaction.


Contract law is an integral part of many of the core legal services we provide to our clients and we provide a full range of review, advice, negotiation and drafting services on all manner of commercial contract including franchises, licensing and distribution agreements.

Whether you are entering into a new contract, or need us to draft contracts that meet your needs, help you negotiate your contracts, advise on them, assist you with termination or disputes, we have the expertise to provide you with the legal support you require.


There are many statutes, codes, regulations and rules that govern or regulate commerce in Australia and there is also significant common law and rules of equity that will apply to impact on many issues that arise in commerce.

We can help you identify, comply with this law, and enforce your rights under or otherwise deal with the many commercial legal issues or commercial problems that you are likely to encounter, whether as a business or a consumer and whether avoiding the negative implications of these many rules and regulations, or taking full advantage of legal protections available to you.


We also have an immigration department dealing currently with all Migration and Study Visas and have agents in both Vietnam and Philippines. This is a critical service we provide as the process is complication and can be costly.



We can help you structure and protect your intellectual property holdings, licence and otherwise protect your intellectual property rights and otherwise protect your goodwill and confidential information. We provide advice on all related intellectual property matters, whether they arise through contract, copyright, trademarking, the common law (such as claims for “passing off”) or legislation.


Alex Mandry has acted for clients in a range of property law services and this is a major part of our practice. We provide clients with expert and strategic advice across all aspects of property law including commercial property, property development and all related areas of property law. Our clients include property developers and investors, body corporates, property financiers, landlords, tenants and builders.



We are experienced in advising on the sale and purchase of commercial property, including negotiating and preparing agreements and conducting due diligence enquiry. We can advise and assist on all aspects of commercial leasing, property management and tenant defaults.


We provide timely and effective advice on all legal and commercial aspects of subdivisions including freehold, leasehold and unit title subdivisions or redevelopments. We work closely with architects, builders, engineers and surveyors and owners to ensure the most efficient, pragmatic outcome is achieved for our clients.


We has extensive experience advising on all aspects of commercial leases including drafting agreements to lease and deeds of lease, rent reviews and renewals of lease, assignments and subleasing. We are experienced in advising developers, property investors, landlords and tenants at all levels of the market.


We can assist on all residential property transactions – including sale or purchase of your home or investment property. Although residential conveyancing can be routine and straightforward, we provide a thorough and comprehensive service, to ensure the transaction is completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. We can assist in all transactions including townhouse developments and multi-unit apartments.

We also advise on ownership structures including property sharing agreements, family trusts, companies and joint ventures.


Our property team can assist you with arranging finance, mortgages, and re-financing of both residential and commercial properties. We have acted for private lenders and borrowers as well as financial institutions.


We provide services in all areas to do with Wills and Estates. From simple drafting of Wills to complex testator’s family maintenance applications and the establishment of testamentary trusts, we have experience and expertise in providing you quality advice and service.


Creating a Family Trust can be an effective mechanism through which to safeguard your assets for the future. A carefully created Trust can also have many other benefits such as preventing claims against estates, protection against creditors as well as tax advantages.


Creating a new Will to ensure that your loved ones receive the appropriate portions of your estate in the event of your death is highly recommended; it can avoid family disputes, delays and expense to your family once you are gone. It is also important to update your Will upon marriage or separation, or any other major change in your circumstances. You may also wish to appoint a testamentary guardian to look after your children. Alex Mandry Legal has the experience and expertise to create a Will which reflects your needs and will provide for your family in the future in accordance with your wishes.

Many clients also wish to prepare Enduring Powers of Attorney. These provide directions as to who should take care of your property and personal welfare in the event that you were incapacitated.


We can assist in the administration of your estate following death. This can include making application to the Supreme Court for the last Will to be approved for administration. Assisting in collecting and managing the estate assets, paying any outstanding debts or moneys from the estate, helping to complete a tax return for the estate, and ultimately assisting with distribution of the estate to the named beneficiaries. We can also assist the personal representatives on any legal issues or matters that may arise during the administration of a deceased’s estate.

The size and structure of Alex Mandry Legal ensures our clients are able to have direct contact with the professional responsible for the services required and our commitment, experience and consistency significantly helps our clients in their diverse range of needs.

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