Noosa Natural Chocolate Co.

Noosa Natural Chocolate Co.
About Me:
Hi I am Christo the owner of Noosa Natural Chocolate Company, call me when you are looking for great chocolate. Our delicious snacks are filled with real fruit and they are packed with anti-oxidants. Coated in dark, milk or white chocolate, with many varieties available, there is something for everyone! Purchase them from your local IGA or Woolworths shops or direct from me.
About my business:

Where are We

Located in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, Australia the Noosa Natural Chocolate Company was established in 2008 and provides natural organic chocolate for the best taste around. The Company embraces the strong consumer trend of wanting new age guilt-free confectionery without compromising taste.

Available At All Good Stores and Supermarkets

Now sold throughout Australia and overseas, Noosa Natural Chocolate Company natural chocolate products are recognised for their health benefits while providing an everyday treat for all. For example, our organic Tibetan Goji berries contain more than 21 minerals, are super high in Vitamin C, and are loaded with antioxidants. We use only the finest ingredients wrapped in premium chocolate.

Indulge Yourself

“All you need in life is a friend who has chocolate” – Sophie Diehl age11

What is Chocolate

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, the dried and fermented seeds of the cacao tree (Theobroma cacao), a small, 4–8 m tall (15–26 ft tall) evergreen tree native to the deep tropical region of the Americas.

  • Chocolate Liquor: Cocoa beans with their shells removed that have been fermented, roasted and ground until they liquefy. This liquid is made up of cocoa butter and cocoa solids; both are naturally present in the bean.
  • Cocoa Butter: Natural fat from the cocoa bean; extra cocoa butter enhances chocolate’s flavor and mouthfeel.
  • Sugar
  • Lecithin: An emulsifier, often made from soy, that makes the ingredients blend together.
  • Vanilla or vanillin and other flavours.

It also may include:

  • Milk: For milk chocolate.
  • Fruits, Nuts and other Add-ins: For specialty chocolates.
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